The player told how he contracted the coronavirus and the disease.

The player Minaya, who passed last week tested positive for the coronavirus, said about his health. The player, who is not named, noted that the disease is without symptoms, and he is at home.

“Thank God, I am all right, the disease is without symptoms. No cough, no high temperature or anything else. I’m not in the hospital, as all write, and in isolation.

As contracted? Had contact with the man who later discovered coronavirus. When I found out about this, both I and my wife, of course, a little scared. We have a child. Decided to get it checked and passed the tests. They were positive, I immediately reported to the club.

Now both at home, in isolation. Constantly in touch with your doctor. In some days we will do a second test. Hope that it will be negative. In this case, it will be able to return to training,” he says Minaya.

Note that a positive test player Minaya is the first official recorded case in the Ukrainian football of infection COVID-19.

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