Photo: the budget includes more high dollar than it is

A higher dollar is necessary for the execution of revenue part of the budget, said the Minister.

To increase budget revenues in Ukraine are desirable a higher dollar, said the Minister of Finance Sergey Marchenko on Friday, July 3.

“The fact that the stability of the exchange rate is a positive situation, it is hard to argue. The only issue us how to budget, it is desirable that this rate was a little higher. We expect in the budget was laid,” he said.

The Minister believes that “this is not a problem, it’s not a critical situation.”

According to him, the shortfall in customs, the Ministry of Finance covers the savings on debt service.

Note, after the head of the national Bank of Yakov Smoliy resignation on the eve, the dollar has risen more than 50 cents.

However, Marchenko said that the resignation will not affect the currency market.


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