At the Olympic games in South Korea, there is the younger sister of Kim Jong-UN and part of his right hand, Kim Yu — Jeong. For a long time she preferred to stay in the shadows, but lately its influence is becoming more visible. What is known about Kim Jeong — material “Газеты.Ru”.

The Chairman of the Supreme people’s Assembly of Korea Kim Yong Nam, the sister of North Korean leader Kim Yu-Jeong and the President of South Korea, moon Jae-In with his wife at the opening of the Olympic games-2018. Pyeongchang, February 9, 2018. Photo: Reuters

At the opening of the Olympic winter games in Pyeongchang from North Korea arrived, a delegation of 22 people. According to the leader of the DPRK Kim Jong-UN, a similar visit made with the purpose to “revive the warm climate of reconciliation and dialogue” between North and South. However, interested media are not so much the visit, how many people, who headed the delegation, the younger sister of North Korean leader Kim Jeong.

For a long time the identity of Kim remained a mystery. However, it is still quite small. In his 30 fragile petite woman — head of the Department of agitation and propaganda of the Central Committee of the workers ‘ party of Korea, the right hand of Kim Jong-UN and the most powerful woman in North Korea. Creates intrigue and the fact that Kim is forbidden trip to the U.S. she is in the black list due to allegations of “severe violations of human rights”.

Who is she?

Kim is the youngest of three children of the deceased Kim Jong-Il and his consort Ko young-Hee. Together with his brothers, she lived in conditions of “social and emotional isolation” under the scrutiny of guards and servants. In the family there was a tradition in birthdays and other family events children to greet the father wore the uniform of the Korean people’s army.

In 1996, together with Kim Jong-UN, Kim moved to Bern in Switzerland to study at the school. According to one version, it was during this period the children of the former General Secretary of the Central Committee of the WPK especially friends. In personal archives of their classmates still have the video where the children of the late North Korean leader play together in the school concert. Interestingly, the school Kim Jeong studied under the name Kim Yong sun.

Photo: Reuters

Even while abroad, Kim was still closely monitored: with his brother the girl lived in a private house of the Deputy head of the Central Committee of the workers ‘ party of Korea surrounded by guards and servants, according to the publication North Korea Leadership Watch.

To compensate for the social isolation, the father was sent to Switzerland to the children of artists, who at home were entertained by the authorities. Despite the distance, parents, and other relatives regularly visited children in Bern. In recent years, the study most often visited the mother — in parallel with the visit of the children she was undergoing treatment for breast cancer in Switzerland and France (however, the therapy did not produce results in 2004 of Ko Yong-Hee died, Kim was only 17).

After studying for four years in Switzerland, Kim has returned home. The sources are silent, as those were the teenage years, younger daughter of the North Korean leader. We only know that higher education she received in the capital and at a Military University. Kim Il-sung, where he studied computer science.

Interest in politics Kim appeared in 15 years.

Then Kim Jong Il proudly stated foreign interlocutors that his youngest daughter wants to make a career in government. And she did it: from Junior members of staff of the Central party, Kim was the second woman in the history of the country, which managed to achieve such success in the political arena. By the way, the first woman was her aunt Kim Kyong-Hee.

What does she want?

Despite the fact that career Kim was active in the mountain information about her surfaced in the media very point. So, the first official reference appeared in the press until March 2014, when Kim accompanied his brother during the elections to the Supreme people’s Assembly of the DPRK (it was after this incident it became perceived as a high-ranking official of the DPRK).

However, its participation in the political life of the country began much earlier.

For example, in September 2010, during the Third conference of the workers ‘ party of Korea, she accidentally hit the lens of cameras (then a girl not even once identified). Did not give the public proper attention and its appearance during the funeral procession of his father in 2011, and by his brother on a military platform in 2012.


In the shadows, Kim was actively engaged in public activities. Thus, according to one version, during the illness of Kim Jong-UN, it had fulfilled its duties. Now Kim regularly accompanies brother on official visits, during which closely monitors what is happening around. Moreover, high-ranking officials listen to her speech carefully.