The Russian side was expressed protest in connection with the incident incident

South Korea reacted to the actions of the Russians. Photo from open sources

The Ministry of national defense of South Korea called the military attaché of the Russian Federation in connection with violation of identification of air defense zone, which, according to the South Korean side, made two Russian bombers. It is reported TASS with reference to the Agency Yonhap.

It is noted that the Russian side was expressed protest in connection with the incident. “[Violation] of Russian military aircraft is not conducive to efforts to stabilize the situation on the Korean Peninsula and in northeast Asia. And since [in such incidents] there is a probability of collision in the air, we ask Russia to realize the seriousness of the situation and take the necessary measures to avoid their recurrence”, – quotes Agency the words of the representative of the South Korean defense Ministry referred to them by a Russian military attache.

In the apparatus of the military atasate of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Korea confirmed the fact that military attache Andrew Falileev was called on Saturday in the Ministry of national defence of the country for an interview. More detailed information is not currently provided.

On Friday, the Russian defense Ministry announced that two strategic bombers of Russian air force Tu-95MS carried out planned flights over the Japanese and Yellow seas, and in some areas they were accompanied by fighters of South Korea and Japan. During the flight the crews of Tu-95MS worked by refuelling in the air.