In MAU stated that the cargo Bay, where the pups ventilated


Airline “Ukraine International airlines” began an internal investigation into the death of 38 puppies on flight Kyiv – Toronto, during which the company suspended the head of the Directorate for freight transport and logistics, according to the website of the airline.

Also the UIA has imposed an embargo on transporting animals aircraft B767 since 19 June 2020. In addition, in the framework of the open criminal proceedings began the process of providing documents of the National police of Ukraine.

The company noted that he regularly audit the safety standards and standards regulating the transportation of animals.

“With regard to the transport of animals directly to the flight Kiev – Toronto, all animals had a commercial purpose. Only one animal was flying with a passenger. The airline regularly carries out transportation of animals to the order of shippers in North America, Canada, tel Aviv, etc. I Should add that the transportation of puppies, especially of the brachycephalic, which include including French bulldogs, has certain risks which are known and understood by their owners of these animals,” the company said.

In MAU noted that the total number of animals per flight amounted to 559 of dogs and 89 cats, which had been placed in 337 cells.

“Placing animals in cages for more than one is permitted if the animals can move freely and navigate. Animal cells have a design that provides free air circulation. Such standard cells for transportation meets the requirements of LAR,” added the airline.

It also noted that the cargo cabin of the Boeing 767, which transported animals, fully ventilated and is temperature adjustable.

Aircraft with 38 dead puppies arrived in Toronto on June 13. Canadian authorities have launched an investigation into the incident, the police of Kyiv region initiated criminal proceedings under article 299 (cruelty to animals) of the Criminal code of Ukraine.

The UIA 16 Jun said that constantly for many years, transporting animals for commercial purposes to other countries, in compliance with all international procedures. The death of dogs in MAU first did not confirm, however, 19 Jun published Facebook post, which regretfully admitted “the tragic death of animals on our trip.”

June 22, canadian media National Post reported that some of the cells were wrapped in foil and animals suffocated in hot weather.