At the time of arrest, police were sent to Floyd’s gun

Photo: EPA

English daily newspaper Daily Mail has published a new video of the detention and murder of an African American George Floyd from lapel camera police. On it the police approached the car, at the wheel which sat the Floyd, opened the door and pointed the gun.

The video begins with the fact that the first policeman opened the door and asked Floyd to show his hands.

VIDEOVideo: Daily Mail / YouTube

“I want to see both your hands. Put them on the wheel,” said a police officer.

All this time the police kept aiming at the driver’s gun.

Floyd kept saying “I’m Sorry” and sobbing. He started crying, said that recently lost his mother and constantly put his head in his hands.

Then Floyd was taken from the car, searched and wanted to put is already in the police car. He resisted and shouted: “I’m scared, let me go”.

Floyd put in the back seat of the car. The policeman on whose breast was a camera, walked around the passenger side, opened the door and intended to fasten detainee’s belt. Floyd got out of the car and said that he’s claustrophobic.

The partner of the policeman who was on the chest camera, and began to help to drag Floyd into the car. After that Floyd was on the pavement.

“I can’t breathe,” screamed Floyd.

The newspaper the New York Times, July 8, wrote that Floyd strongly and emotionally asked the police to stop the strangulation. The officers claimed that his health is not threatened. At the disposal of the newspaper was the transcription of the records of the lapel cameras of officers and the contents of the interrogation one of the suspects, former police officer Thomas lane.

Of the participants in the arrest of Floyd remains in custody Derek Savin, who is charged with murder in the second and third degree and manslaughter in the second degree. It Showin may 25, force was used against African-American, pushing a knee on his throat. Satexperts confirmed that the death was caused by strangulation.

Arrested ex-COP Quango Alexander, Thomas lane and the Tao June 5, the court set bail in the amount of $750 thousand each, Showin has to pay for out-of-jail $1 million lane was released on 10 June, Kuang – 20th.

After the death of Floyd in the United States, riots broke out. Demonstrators took to the streets and pelted police with firecrackers and bottles. During the protests, looting shops. Unknown persons set fire to several industrial and commercial buildings, as well as a police station.

The demonstrators were cut down monuments to historical figures who, in their opinion, were involved in slavery and racial discrimination.