Photo: Oleg Sobocki permanently suspended from football

For beating of the arbitrator in the Ukrainian football Association permanently barred Oleg Aboutcome to engage in activities related to this sport.

The control and disciplinary Committee of the UAF life was suspended, the Vice-President of the Association Oleg Sabotage from football. On Thursday, July 23, reported the press service of the UAF.

“The actions of the honorary President of FC Agribusiness (Volochisk) of Sobotkova O. M. was recognized as a violation of the Code of ethics and fair play, in particular refers to the use of physical force to the main referee of the match and actions that harm the image of the UAF and Ukrainian football in General”, – stated in the message.

It is noted that as punishment, the Vice-President of the Association for life, forbidden to engage in any activity related to football.

Also FC Agribusiness (Volochisk) needs to pay 500 thousand hryvnias of a penalty. The club is prohibited to hold matches at the stadium Youth in the city of Volochisk “to a specific decision of the Committee of the UAF, on issues of stadiums and security of competitions”.

We will remind, after a match Agribusiness Meany in Volochysk, Khmelnytskyi region in the jury room beat chief arbiter of the match – 34-year-old Yuri Ivanov.

As it turned out, beating the referee was the President of Agribusiness, Vice-President of the UAF Oleg Sobocki.

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