The commander of the Navy of Argentina rear Admiral David burden said that the submarine “San Juan” sank because of the explosion. It is reported by TN.

Rear Admiral of the Navy of Argentina David Bourdain, speaking to the upper house of Parliament, restored the incident on the submarine San Juan in November 2017.

At the time of the accident the submarine was at a depth of 920 meters. At this point in the snorkel device for the air intake for the engine of the submarine is exposed to water. So she did not get to the battery or to the engine in the pipe is the valve (in the case of San Juan — 19th-valve), but it is for some reason not be closed until the end. Through it, the water leaked into the battery. Then on the submarine there is a short circuit and explosion.

According to burden, this conclusion came experts of the German shipbuilding company Nordseewerke of Emden. She’s in the late 1970-ies built submarine of the Argentine Navy .

Before you go to the last voyage, the submarine was in good condition, said the rear Admiral.

Recall that the diesel-electric submarine “San Juan”, on Board of which there were 44 crew members, disappeared on 15 November 2017 to 430 km from the coast of Patagonia. Lasted two weeks, the search operation gave no results. Download the submarine was only in November 2018.