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The perfect race Pidruchnik was not enough to medal.

The national team of Ukraine in the part of Anastasia Merkushina and Dmitry Pidruchna took fifth place in the single mixed relay at the world Championships in östersund.

First half of the race went well for Ukraine – no misses on four shooting from Merkushino Anastasia and Dmitry Pidruchna left our team among the leaders even though not the best move on track. The first stage of Merkushin finished in third position, Pidruchny in the second stage was the second.

Problems began to arise on the fifth firing line, where Anastasiya Merkushyna missed twice and dropped to sixth place, but still the leaders were there. But at the front Desk she was quick – while the leaders missed, it quickly closed four targets, but the last shot missed. She was in a hurry and the extra cartridges, only the third of them covering the target.

In the end, Merkushin passed the baton Pidruchna sixth, 27 seconds behind the leader. Leader was Norwegian BAA, which only increased its advantage and won without problems. Italy was second, Sweden third.

Indicative of the Ukraine was behind the Swede Samuelson. As it is 20 seconds at the last transfer of the relay, and have remained, despite the fact that Dima today was a race without mistakes. Pidruchny eventually raised our team to fifth place, “finished” on the last lap with the Russian Yeliseyev.

Single mixed relay
1. Norway (0+6) 35:43,2
2. Italy (0+5) +13,4
3. Sweden (0+8) +20,0
4. Germany (0+6) +30.5 mm
5. Ukraine (0+5) +41,5
6. Russia (0+5) +52,7

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