League 1 and League 2 will be back next season.

Season in the French League will not resume due to the ongoing pandemic coronavirus. This was stated by Prime Minister Edward Philip.

Earlier, several French media reported that the government took the decision on early termination of the championship of France of season 2019/20. Now it is officially confirmed the Prime Minister during his speech.

“On Sunny days, you can do a few sports in the fresh air, observing the rules of social distancing. But sport activities indoors, as well as contact and team sports will be impossible” – quoted by Philip Le quipe.

Thus, football in France will not return before September. Will determined the champion of the season, and the team downgraded and improved the division is still unknown.

Recall that the Ligue 1 suspended due to coronavirus on March 13.

Note that at this point in the 162 country recorded 100 cases of infection with coronavirus. According to this indicator, France ranks fourth in the world.

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