The animal was given to a new family, but the pet escaped and a month and a half went to the former owners.

In the UK, the cat walked 64 miles to return to owners. His story tells The Sun.

A red cat named Garfield, his masters Neil Payne and Forests is given to another family. A few weeks later three-year-old cat escaped from the new owners.

Six weeks later the animal came to the house of the former owners. Payne noted that the pet was sitting on the doorstep and cried.

The British at first did not believe that it was their cat, but calling animal named, was convinced that it was Garfield.

In this case the owners claim that the cat never even went outside. They can’t understand how an animal could find the way home.

Earlier it was reported that the cat came home with a vicious note. Also the Correspondent wrote that the cat has survived the washing machine.

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