Photo: Hot photo helped the cashier to buy a house

The elephants struggled to make ends meet and was forced to take night shifts. Once she uploaded her Nude photos on a special website and just get rich.

The cashier in the British city of Lancashire – Ellie Mae started to publish online their racy photos. The girl has become so popular and financially secured, that leaves the supermarket and bought a house, writes the Daily Mail.

21-year-old may earn £ 8.5 per hour, working at the box office, and at night was moonlighting as a Baker.

Two years ago, the British registered on the website OnlyFans, where users get access to content for a fee. The girl began to place their candid shots.

She soon became one of the most popular models of the Internet platform and get rich. Her income increased and for a year she was able to capitalize on their “naked” photos of 180 thousand pounds.

During the quarantine, admits she came her finest hour. Men from boredom most of the time spend on these sites and are willing to fork out for viewing pictures with a “strawberry”.

“It’s kind of crazy. People are bored at home and we entertain them. The number of my subscribers jumped, every day I get offers of hand and heart,” said may.

She also boasted that she has managed to buy a house with three bedrooms. And by the end of this year it expects to earn not less than 200 thousand pounds.

Recall that the seller made a fortune after photos in a bikini.

We also wrote that the pensioner became rich by selling “naked” photos.

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