Meghan Markle was dressed in a sweater Marks & Spencer

A young woman dressed in the product brand Marks & Spencer.

The bride of Prince Harry, actress Meghan Markle, was spotted on his next official visit to the sweater from a cheap Department store brand Marks & Spencer, writes The Telegraph.

?| Harry Meghan et aujourd’hui à la station de radio @ReprezentRadio à Brixton.

— RoyalSourceFR (@RoyalSourceFR) 9 Jan 2018

The cost of this garment is about 45 pounds (a little over $ 60). As for other clothes, which Markle was in this day – all of it is products expensive brands: Burberry pants, Brando Smythe coat and grey scarf Jigsaw.

The publication reports that Meghan Markle on this day took part in the transfer of Brixton”s Reprezent radio 107.3 FM, along with his fiance.

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