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The wearer said the men care to detail and cursed him for his disclosure of women’s secrets.

Blogger Trey Kennedy took a funny video about how in his opinion the difference between the behavior of men and women in the same circumstances. The video appeared on YouTube blogger.

In the frame of Kennedy appears in two images: men and women, and plays with the same life situation from the point of view of both sexes.

So, the blogger showed emotion women when they learn about a new beloved friend. They ask a lot of questions about the new chosen one. A man in the same situation asked a friend about is the name of his new girlfriend.

Kennedy also showed the difference between men and women to care for themselves, communication with parents, household stuff, and even wedding planning.

The movie became a hit network, bringing together more than 344 thousand views in a few days. Many users praised the acting of blogger. Some women jokingly scolded Kennedy for what he revealed all their secrets.

Other users game blogger seemed implausible, because real people don’t behave like that.

Previously, scientists have proven that men and women fall in love differently. Also the Correspondent wrote that the blogger shot a terrible video, “murdered” users.

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