Photo: a frame from the video

Animal for several days tearing the trunk of the tree to get to the Goodies.

Asiatic black bear caught in fotolook while stealing honey from wild bees. Footage of animals appeared on the YouTube channel of the national Park Land of leopard in Primorye.

The video shows how a bear for several days came to the tree, climbed on it and stripped the bark and wood off the trunk to get to the hive with the honey of wild bees.

Animal to grow food in bad weather and at night. As a result, the bear made it to the coveted delicacy.

Experts note that Asian black bears spend a lot of time in the trees, and the production of honey for them a usual thing.

Earlier it was reported that the dance of the bear from a tree was caught on video. Also Reporter wrote that the bear crept up to the tourists to take a selfie.

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