Fish hides information about the date of his birth

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Nastya. Earlier year

About the past of the main heroine of the political scandal of the week is little known. Anastasia Vashkevich (real name Nastya Fish) is a native of the Belarusian town of Bobruisk. It is 23, or 28 years, writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. In the account in the “Classmates” she indicated a year of birth 1925.

Perhaps her maiden name was Costin.

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In 2014, Anastasia married Nicholas Vashukevich, which his book calls “a biker from the area.” They have a son, he lives with his father. The last two years, a pair of de facto divorce, said Nicholas in an interview to radio Svaboda.

They last met about six months ago in Russia. In Moscow she worked as a sales Manager, according to Vashukevich, she was bad at it.

“Accompanied by it is certainly not worked”, – said Nikolai.

Some facts (real or fictional) about his past Rybka gives in his book “Diary of seduction of a billionaire, or a Clone of the oligarch”. In particular, she writes that she told seduce “oligarch” about his participation in the activities of the Belarusian opposition.

“I was in opposition to the Charter (the human rights movement “Charter’97”.– “GORDON”), I say, and we were taken to KGB for questioning, asked to take accomplices, I do not understand what you want from me, asked for a lawyer, and the next day they let me go. And there is now a desire to return (to Belarus.– “GORDON”). If you ever get caught by the KGB, I will be able to advise you what to do to let you go, I’m good at it!”

In the KGB did not comment on this excerpt from the book, Vashukevich. “You see on the Internet that can invent anything,” – said “radio liberty”, the press-Secretary of the Committee Dmitry Baburin.

Anastasia and Leslie

According to the book Anastasia, her moving to Moscow to participate in “sex-hunting for oligarchs” has occurred thanks to Alexander Kirillov, aka Leslie. This man calls himself a “pickup guru”, conducts trainings on the technique of sex in Russia, Belarus and Thailand.

“The fish becomes one of “Leslie’s angels”: they call him the Creator, follow all its recommendations on seduction, participate in training sessions and group orgies, footage of which leaked online, and firmly believe in free love”, – said the TV channel “Rain”.

I really don’t want. The others are not. I’m not enjoying them compared to you. And they are worse. -It’s your fault as hunters. As girls. Meeting another man, you’re starting to compare him to me. This is incorrect, because different people ALL. This is the same as to compare halvah and salami well, or halva and cake. The duck and the cake. Understand? A cigar, there, and… compote. These are different things, generally. Accordingly, in every man there are things which can be high, even, for example, from a fat man. From the way he looks at you, eyes admiring what, it licks at the hands of his affectionate. For example, here is the smell of it don’t like you, well and figs with him, tell him :”stop at a distance of five meters, masturbate to me, I’ll masturbate.” Nasosetsya energy from playing with him, mocking him, something can always be high. And you, instead, trying to find me. That is the person for you significant. And do not find. You will not find. This is a mistake all the Chicks. Error, a serious, because the guy, the one she loves is just the way of pleasure. If, for example, I enjoy ice cream, but it is not, what am I going to shoot? So, we need to get pleasure from the other. The same thing, for example,I come to one country, and there starting to miss the other country. This is fundamentally wrong, because when I visit Istanbul, I need to drive from Istanbul, and not to lament that there is not borscht. This is a mistake in Russian travel in other countries. They arrive and say: “Where is the soup, where’s Olivier?”You came to Thailand, eat Thai food, see Thai kicks, Thai kicks, which, from spicy food, from prostitutes cool from the sun, from the sea. But not so: “where is the Kremlin, where is the soup, where’s Olivier, then there is nothing.”You’re in a foreign country. This is a fundamentally flawed strategy at all. It is fun not give. Do not look at Thailand and Russia. In Thailand is, Thailand, its features and so on. So why the principle should be different for men or for women? Here you have for example already have Alex Leslie, why are you looking for him in others? (C) Dialogues with Leslie #nesterivka #avamisele#alexl

Publication from the Nasty Fish (@nastya * Jul 29, 2017 at 1:02 PDT

As has found out Agency Kirillov, too, Belarus, the native of Vitebsk.

“In August 2016, against Leslie in Belarus opened a criminal case after the statement to the police ex-employee of the office of the President (Alexander Lukashenko) Vasilina Velichko. The woman, apparently, was also an adept in the sex sect Leslie. She accused Kirillova regular harassment and ill-treatment and humiliation. Velichko said that he escaped with his training, and when later accidentally met Leslie in a cafe, he sexually harassed her, slapping her and even offered sex to her mother on the phone,” the Agency says.

On the instructions of Leslie Fish and the other his follower, Alexander Grass, had to arrange an Orgy on quay Tarasa Shevchenko in Moscow. They either had sex with a man, whether simulated a sex act. Event was filmed on camera and was posted on the Internet.

In September of 2017 participating in the shooting was arrested for seven days, reported “Вести.Ru”. Were arrested and Kirillov-Leslie.

Anastasia and Alexei

“Wow what a coincidence — shortly after his release from administrative detention Fish Pot declare war Navalny (Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny.– “GORDON”), which has the Russia “revolution” and “bloodshed”. An amazing coincidence,” said Facebook journalist Dmitry halko.

In the video on his page on YouTube Nastya Vashukevich, referring to Navalny, says: “Lesh, one of us will find you and fuck and post video of you in the network. Because of you and people like you, now people continue to fight.”

VIDEOVideo: Nastia Fish / YouTube

History of a major investigation into Navalny “Sex hunter exposes bribe” began with the arrival of “Leslie’s angels” in the headquarters of the Bulk in 2017: the girls were dressed in sexy costumes of police, disturbed the staff and volunteers of the Fund of struggle against corruption, recorded a video criticizing the opposition, reminiscent of jellyfish.

Photo: / Instagram

“Boundless idiocy of those people who last year sent us to the headquarters of the obscure girls in latex shorts, helped us hand to catch the largest Russian official-the bribe taker, which is resting on the yacht of an oligarch together with prostitutes,” Navalny wrote in the description of the video, which by the evening of February 10, gathered 3 million views on YouTube.

VIDEOVideo: Alexei Navalny / YouTube

The team of the Fund of struggle against corruption have studied the Instagram of one of the participants of “picket,” Nasty Fish, as well as her book. It was the beginning of “the strange investigations” in the history of the Fund, said Navalny.

Nastya, Oleg and Sergey

In the social network, Valukevich was discovered pictures of billionaire Oleg Deripaska, which occupies the 23rd place in the rating of Russian Forbes. Girl, as you can tell by the photo, was vacationing on the yacht of a businessman in the summer of 2016.

The prototype of one of the characters in the book “Diary of seduction of a billionaire, or a Clone of the oligarch”, Ruslana has also become Deripaska, according to Navalny.

His relationship with the businessman does not hide the Fish, placing YouTube videos with voice recording Deripaska.

VIDEOVideo: Nastia Fish / YouTube

After the film FBK Fish said that the yacht had been gang-raped and invited Deripaska two versions of events. “Either he will marry me, and thus I will not lose the honor and dignity or I will write a statement about gang rape. And I will ensure that he and his friend came to speak and told how it was,” said the girl.

But the next day made clear that her words were humor and “trolling stupid women”.

A “friend”, Vashukevich could mean Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Prikhodko. His photo FBK also found in Instagram collection yacht with Deripaska.


Navalny argued that the stay of a civil servant on the yacht of a billionaire is a bribe, and the presence of “girls escort” destroys the reputation of Deputy Prime Minister.

Fish wrote in the Instagram February 10 that “doesn’t like it when her men swear”. “Sergei and Oleg closed the site Alexei, Alexei begin the riot! Why argue if you can have sex?”the message reads, written in Dubai. The girl was referring to reports about the requirement of Roskomnadzor to remove the page with the investigation on the site the Bulk.

I hate it when my men do. Sergey and Oleg closed the site Alexei, Alexei begin the riot! Why argue if you can have sex? * * #makelovenotwar #nesterivka #Deripaska #bulk #Prikhodko

Publication from the Nasty Fish (@nastya * Feb 10, 2018 at 4:02 PST

A fragment from the book “Diary of seduction of a billionaire, or a Clone of the oligarch”.

“I don’t know who Dad is. Why is it so called. No one has ever called him by name. But Ruslan in front of him retreat. Never argues with him. Listens. And Dad are the only ones over whom Ruslan was not joking, never. Who is this? Who can be afraid of a billionaire? It is the Pope who was in the form of a border guard in the beginning. The guard manages a billionaire? And a billionaire can’t get a word when dad blatantly glues his woman? What’s it? I’m confused”.