Photo: a frame from the video Revealed the secret choice of girl manicure

He created a statement that helps to determine the nature of the girls in her manicure. Video with his participation became an Internet hit.

Resident of the United States published a video in which he revealed the secret to select the right girl for a relationship. In the video he talks about how not to lose, based on the potential manicure lady. The video was posted to Twitter and and got three days more than 4 million views.

The author of the post noted that since the summer of 2018, has been examining the types of women’s manicure – colors, shapes and lengths of nails who prefer girls.

In the end, he formulated a conclusion about what type of manicure is characteristic of a particular kind of girl. Thus, acid yellow, and red and bright green in color, in his opinion, represent for men of danger.

“Make sure you have medical insurance and that you insure your life,” he said.

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— Rocky (@ItsRockkky) February 26, 2019

Also in the category of dangerous girls he took the owners of a pointed nail shapes, as well as those who have long nails.

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