Malvani: and again, the media decided to misinterpret my comments

Photo: EPA

On 17 October the acting head of the White house Mick Mulvany during communication with journalists accidentally admitted that military aid to Ukraine has been frozen partly to pressure in exchange for initiating an investigation of Ukraine of the case against the Democrats. About it reports CNN TV channel.

During a press conference Malvani noted that only knows about the request of the US investigation into the hacking of the Democratic national Committee in 2016.

He said that the payment of assistance to Ukraine was linked to this episode, but also because of concerns US President Donald trump about corruption in Ukraine.

The TV station notes that the statement of Malvani was done after a few weeks trump and those close to him, the officials refused to link the aid to Ukraine with their political interests.

Later Mulwani said that the only reasons why aid was delayed, there was a concern about the lack of support to Ukraine from other countries and “concern” about corruption.

He also accused the media that they misunderstood him.

“And again, the media decided to misinterpret my comments to promote biased and a political witch hunt against President trump. Let me be clear: there was no services for the service with respect to military assistance to Ukraine and any investigation for the elections of 2016. The only reason that we kept the money, was concerned about the lack of support from other countries and concerns about corruption,” – said in a statement released on the White house website.

The U.S. Congress approved a package of assistance to Ukraine to 2019 on the line of the Pentagon in the amount of $250 million on June 18. The aid package security provides for the granting Ukraine of non-lethal and lethal defensive weapons with a separate focus on supporting the naval forces of Armed forces of Ukraine.

In late August, Politico reported that President trump has decided to revise the program of assistance to Ukraine to strengthen the national security and defense to ensure that the money of the United States in Ukraine are used in the interests of Washington. Trump did not confirm this information. Vice-President Mike Pence stated that the allocation of Ukraine military assistance depends on its success in the fight against corruption.

On September 12 the administration of President unblocked the program of military assistance.

22 September, trump said that he supported Ukraine from the beginning, but very disappointed that other countries do not help the country in the same way. On 24 September, he admitted he had stopped the programme of assistance to Ukraine, ensuring that the EU also allocated funds to Kiev.

The U.S. Congress ordered the Pentagon and the White house to provide documents about military assistance to Ukraine until October 15, in the case of impeachment trump.