Photo: AP China’s Economy is slowing

The growth of the Chinese economy in July-September was the lowest in the entire 27-year history of observations.

The growth of China’s GDP in the third quarter of 2019 6% in annual terms in the first three quarters of this year the Chinese economy grew by 6.2%. This is evidenced by data of the state statistical Bureau of China published on Friday, October 18.

“According to preliminary calculations, China’s GDP growth in annual terms for the first three quarters 2019 amounted to 69,779 trillion yuan (about 9.8 trillion), growth in annual terms, at 6.2%,” – said in the report.

While the pace of economic growth in the third quarter slowed to 6%, the figures were worse than analysts ‘ forecasts, who had expected GDP growth of 6.1 per cent. Figures for July-September was the lowest quarterly figure for the entire 27-year history of observations.

The Chinese authorities have set the bar of GDP growth in 2019, at around 6%-6,5%.

Recall that the growth rate of the Chinese economy is slowing because of a trade war with the United States. Experts suggest that China’s GDP growth will continue to slow down, despite all the government measures, reported Корреспондент.net. Improvement is not expected in Beijing.

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