Test-drive Peugeot 508

The new 508-th – is another round of bullying from a design by Peugeot, full of originality and outrageousness.

The front fangs on the sides of the doors without frames, rear – kupeobrazny silhouette of the roof and the opportunity to get into the cabin through the fifth door. The new 508-th – is another round of bullying from a design by Peugeot, full of originality and outrageousness. And not just anywhere, but in business class, there is a tendency to look strictly. Perhaps it is this courage and played a decisive role in the victory: Peugeot 508 deservedly received the title of Car of the Year 2020 in Ukraine, easily ahead of its competitors in the national award Car of the year. Among the trophies is the title of the leader of the interior design 2020, won in the national car awards Auto the Leader of.

Peugeot calls the bodyshell of the new 508, the ultimately the newest, but only because the word liftback is already strongly associated with the Skoda, and Sportback cemented Audi. Well, the French got not the worst option. But if it’s good enough in the management to justify the console fast?


Salon stylish ultimately the newest it strongly suggests design refinements the original concept of PEUGEOT i-Cockpit®. Vysokaye dashboard, the small wheel on top of it and made a futuristic instrument panel diagonal of 12.3 inches – together is pretty reminiscent of the cockpit of a fighter.


Though all the time to feel consistently cheerful pilot is optional: use i-Cockpit® Amplify the atmosphere of the salon is transformed in just a second. Switching from the Boost mode to Relax mode changes the settings of the climate, back-lit with a smell of perfume, but also the reaction of the car: softer reaction on the accelerator, the faster the transitions of the machine into high gear.


In General, the car is ready to fully match the driver’s mood – and in this lies a considerable share of the charm model. Honestly deserve their share of compliments and the excellent profile of her chair and turned slightly towards the driver console.

Back well everything except the stock air above our heads: the roof of the compartment profile a little pressure on the top. People of average height weighs rather psychologically, but tall passengers do not very convenient to climb in the back seat: the body height is only 140 cm, and the doorway is low. But the back seat will suit almost everyone and a backrest, and cushion length.


Very poor the trim levels (in the top there is even a massage of the front seats) are also offered an impressive set of options. Among them, panoramic roof with sliding front section, a premium audio system Focal, decorative inserts from a natural tree.

And the icing on the cake can be considered the night vision system, a true rarity in this class. Peugeot 508 ready to show on the dashboard screen images of people and animals at a distance of from 15 to 200 m from the nose of the car. The system operates at speeds up to 160 km/h, but, unfortunately, does not see most dogs. The minimum height of an object that the car recognizes and will highlight in the warning color is 50 cm.


Also happy with their features Parking aid. The driver need only select the type of Parking and hold the button at the base of the lever automatic transmission. Peugeot 508 handles the steering wheel, gas, brake and automatic transmission selector! The machine takes very fast, but thoroughly. Not just calls to the desired location, but offers a strictly parallel with the marking, or parked cars. Even the wheels at the end of the maneuver levels.


In the power of proposal is the beloved Ukrainians diesel. Two: 1.5 litre (130 HP, 300 Nm) and 2.0 liter (180 HP, 400 Nm). Diesel kopeck piece from Peugeot, which is equipped with the test car, very economical with a cruising speed of 100 km/hour, our 508-th content with four and a half liters of fuel per hundred.

Acceleration of the two-liter version by the standards of the class has quite good dynamics: for 8.7 s to 100 km/h. Junior a-liter diesel promises to “make hundred” in 10.1 seconds.


Both motors on heavy fuel are paired with a new 8-speed automatic EAT8 from the Japanese company Aisin. This evolution is already well known 6-speed box EAT6, which provided an additional 7% fuel savings and the ability to transfer torque to 500 Nm. And yet – amazing speed and smoothness of switching.

Friendly tandem motor and box echoes perfectly tuned suspension. The car is writes the path and kept on it until recently. Small handlebar lies comfortably in the hands, and the power fills it with a pleasant heaviness.


The reverse side of this shiny coin was perfectly accurate repetition of the road profile. Perhaps, in comparison with the predecessor, the suspension of the new 508 was a little tougher, but even more she added to the intensity of the shocks on large bumps now not to bother passengers. And this, of course, a tremendous plus. To evaluate the driving style of the new Peugeot 508 can personally book a test drive.


Peugeot 508 was not the cheapest offering in the class – prices start at 809 600 UAH for younger Active equipment, and top GT-Lineоценена 1 023 300 UAH. But it is necessary to put on other scales all the charm of the flagship Peugeot, and pricing begins to seem very loyal.

In one model the most successful way agreed quite important virtues: excellent by the standards of the class dynamics, fuel-efficient engines, a wide range of driver assistance systems, a bright, bold body design, unusual interior design and lots of useful electronics. But the main thing in the Peugeot 508 is the ability to always be “on one wave” with the driver. Very valuable in these times quality.