The network actively discussing the tattoo photos, made by Russian military

Vladimir Putin. Photo: AFP

Users of social networks are actively discussing the picture of the unusual tattoo with the image of Russian President Vladimir Putin, recently re-elected for another term, annexed Crimea, submarines and missiles, and a helicopter of the U.S. air force.

Impressive tattoo on his back did, likely made the Russian soldier, who was already being ridiculed in the network. The website “Today” has selected the most revealing comments from social networks.

Interestingly, among the usual for Russians of Patriotic pathos of the figure shows a combat helicopter us army Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion.

So, the journalist Arkady Babchenko in his Facebook left a very unflattering comments to the owner of this tattoo.

In turn, a well-known blogger and financier Slava Rabinovich accused Putin that he has brought the Russians to this condition.

Meanwhile, many netizens made fun of the owner of the tattoo, which approved the drawing with the American helicopter and give advice on how to “improve” the image.