Photo: Suspects could face criminal prosecution

The Princess became a victim of swindlers, which for seven years has transferred more than $ 35 million.

Daughter of the late Saudi king Faisal al Saud, Princess Lolowa became a victim of swindlers who enticed at it a few tens of millions of dollars, writes The Jakarta Post.

The Princess’s lawyers appealed to the Indonesian police a statement on fraud. They said that their client, 71-year-old Princess Lolowa, lost at least 512 billion Indonesian rupiahs (37.6 per million).

Princess seven years regularly sent money to two people of Indonesia, who argued that the money spent on purchase of land and construction of two hotels.

In 2018, the woman found out that the construction is not finished, and the official owners of the land bought with her money, its Indonesian partners.

Law enforcement authorities established that the land claims another company. During the audit it was found that the price of the purchased property is much too high.

Suspected fraud face criminal prosecution. They are also “light” sentence for the violation of the law on combating money laundering.

Recall that Saudi Princess accused of violence against workers.

Also wrote that the woman, posing as an Arab Princess, is suspected of stealing jewelry from Paris jewelry store in the amount of €1.6 million.

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