Photo: a frame from the video

The woman behind the wheel of a car proved that her car is like a horse or wagon, and it is inviolable.

Network shocked two hours of “crazy” women and employee of the road patrol service. The video, shot from the car, appeared on YouTube channel of Living souls! White city. Also telegrams-channel Banana have released a short video shot a COP.

The footage shows how dorogina the employee of patrol service of the Russian Federation stopped the car, at the wheel which the woman sits. A man was filming from the back seat of the car.

The woman immediately starts screaming at the police, who informed that the car was stopped for lack of room. She shouted to the militiaman called the chief and asked who this Inga Genus. Also, the woman noted that she does not obey the laws, and live by the laws of the Genus.

For two hours the woman shouts at a police officer, and tells the story of “intergalactic relations”.

Earlier it was reported that the American had taken the skeleton in the car for benefits. Also the Correspondent wrote that the Vietnamese showered while riding on a bike.

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