Suprun: We don’t hold chairs, we want a transformation has occurred


Former acting Minister of health of Ukraine Ulyana Suprun in an interview which was released on September 12, said that during meetings with President Vladimir Zelensky and members of his office, her candidacy was not considered for the post of Minister.

“No. It was only informing about what is happening in the medical field. Afterwards, I met with several people from the Office of the President and with [then Deputy chief of the Office of the President, the current Prime Minister Alexei] Goncharuk, but always our conversation was about the future transformation of health care. We don’t hold chairs, we want a transformation has occurred. Many people asks me: “why are you not appointed?”, “Did you ask?”. It really doesn’t matter. It is important that development has continued,” said Suprun.

A native of the US Suprun, acting Minister of health from July 22, 2016. August 29, she and her deputies have written applications on dismissal, 4 September, the Cabinet fired them.

29 August, Parliament elected the head of government Alexei Goncharuk, and appointed a new Cabinet. In particular, the Minister of health became the star Skalecka.

19 October 2017, the Verkhovna Rada adopted in General the draft law No. 6327 on health reform. According to the document, the state guarantees full payment for the expense of the state budget of Ukraine of necessary medical services and medicines related to the provision of emergency medical care, primary, secondary (specialized), tertiary, palliative care, medical rehabilitation, medical care to children up to 16 years, as well as accompany pregnancy and childbirth. The law came into force on 30 January 2018.

The perpetual campaign for the family doctors was launched on 2 April 2018.

Each patient can sign the Declaration with a doctor, who will monitor his health to ensure the primary diagnosis, to provide emergency assistance in case of sharp deterioration of health, to appoint the necessary tests and provide referrals to specialized professionals.