Summer is a fabulous time that flies by in an instant the rustle of the waves and the warm breath of the sultry sky.

But the memory of lovely summer days, charges us with vigor and energy all year – and during the long autumn rains and winter snowfalls. And sometimes the memories of a romantic night strolls, parties by the pool and kissing in the rain warms us with its warmth and life. Why it is so important at this time of the year to feel beautiful, attractive and just amazing! And it is not difficult – after all summer, the best time for fashion experiments! When on the street the sun shines brightly and the heat reduces the amount of clad we things to a minimum, the main focus become the stylish decoration. Summer – a time when gold jewellery is ruled a ball, instantly changing the way! Want to look graceful, delicate and feminine? Or maybe self-confident and business – like restrained? There is nothing easier! Properly chosen gold jewelry – that’s all You need in order to be different, but always beautiful this summer!

What jewelry to take on vacation?

Even if you spend a hot summer day You expect at the beach, and in Your suitcase some short shorts and a leotard, do not forget about jewelry, thanks to which Your vivid imagery will Shine in Golden rays. This season at the time of mini-skirts and small dresses, bare legs and sun-tanned wrists of beautiful women with stylish gold bracelets and a sexy neckline gold – tone chain, lovely pendants and fashionable necklace!

The choice of gold jewelry – a matter of taste, but a few tips from experts in fashion jewelry are certainly not too much!


Gold anklet is the main symbol of the summer!When else will be able to highlight the slender leg a graceful ornament? Only in the summer! So do not miss the opportunity – choose any model of the gold bracelet on his leg and boldly conquer the hearts of men!

  • Grace and gentleness will give Your summer outfits a thin gold chain bracelet, and if the weave matches the weave of the chain around your neck or bracelet on the hand, the image will be especially harmonious.
  • Gold anklet, adorned with jewelry or small stone beads will make any look at a summer bright and attractive. Such ornaments look very cute and feminine with any clothes, even if You have only a swimsuit!
  • Excellent mood and feeling of a real summer drive, You will be presented with gold bracelets on the leg, supplemented with several pendants. Every step will be accompanied by their movement to the beat of Your life rhythm! They attract attention and look at the – year-old playfully, cheerfully and a bit cheeky – exactly what you need this summer!



Golden earring– the main highlight of any summer! No gold earrings, it is impossible to create a harmonious way any time soon.

me year, but in summer without them is simply impossible to do! It seems to me that we cannot afford bold experiments with hair and makeup, and our eyes look especially expressive against the background of a clear summer sky and the warm blue sea. The earrings are exactly like nothing else, able to subtly emphasize these parts of Your unique individuality!

  • The big news this summer – return to the Olympus of fashion earrings – rings (Congo). That’s great news – because this model of earrings is as if specially created for summer! One look at the earring enough to mentally travel to distant exotic countries to feel the sea breeze on your face and give freedom to their innermost desires!
  • Summer for You is first and foremost the sea? Then you should pay close attention to the earrings from the collection of Blue Ocean. These unusual, exclusive earrings with blue Topaz London blue , will help You have the sea always with you – You’ll see it every time you look in the mirror!
  • Delicate gold earrings – studs will make Your look feminine and alluring, and concise stud earrings will give him perfection and harmony, even if You have the minimum of clothes! And having picked up a earrings a gold ring, in the same style, You can be sure that Your summer look will be worthy of the covers of fashion magazines.



Golden bracelets on hand– Your movements will speak for You! Want to impress? Stand out from the crowd even on the beach and attract attention? It is not difficult – complete your look with a gold bracelet. With every movement of Your hands, it will attract attention of the interlocutor, adding expressiveness of Your gestures and Your words.

  • Thin gold chain bracelet– a win-win for everyone, appropriate in any situation – and on the beach and a fun pool party.
  • Gold bracelets from the legendary collection Orbitthat will make your summer memorable! Small beads – planet, posted on the fine Golden orbits of these bracelets will remind you of the incredible summer night sky and will allow how much you like to experiment creating new ensembles – after all, you can wear several on one arm!
  • Cruiseis the collection of bracelets specially designed to make Your vacation unforgettable! You will feel the resort even in the center of the metropolis if complete your look with these wonderful bracelets, each of which is decorated with interesting, cute gold figurines.



Neckline – risk zone! But only for men! There is nothing more tempting than a deep neckline evening dresses. But in a bathing suit and a light pareo, too, want to look feminine and accentuate the area decoration. Gold chains, elegant pendants and necklaces will help You with this! And sitting in the recliner, and during a romantic dinner in the restaurant, You will look equally luxurious and seductive!

  • Gold chaindecoration that has become a necessity. It can be worn as an independent ornament, and elegant gold suspension. Changing the suspension depending on the situation and just in the mood, they can get a new interesting image!
  • A necklaceis always a good choice! After the chain and suspension in this case is the perfect match to each other, as they correspond to one design idea. Please note necklace collection Сelebrity chain! These gold necklaces are perfect to any summer outfit, thanks to its lightness, brevity, and the property is perfectly combined with each other in one ensemble.
  • Well, Your luck the fly will give an unforgettable necklace from the collection of the Coin, because every coin in this easy, elegant necklace You will be “luck”, how would You not imagine!



“The capital Jewelry Factory“is the best companion for your unforgettable summer!

With incredible decorations from “the Capital Jewelry Factory™” to look luxurious and attractive is not difficult. Buy exclusive gold rings, earrings, bracelets and other components of the perfect female image in the online store or any boutique brand of our Company. Unique jewelry famous Kiev brand is not just another accessories and Your true friends that will inspire You on adventures and give a romantic atmosphere and the spirit of adventure. Appreciate every warm moment this summer and have an unforgettable experience with jewelry from “the Capital Jewelry Factory“.




LTN trendy only three gold!

Summer – Kaskova time, Yak Prata one pid the moment the rustle teplih hvil I dihanna spectropho sky. Hello pam’yat about codesn LTN dni, saraga us badily I energy push stroke siogo rock – I pid hour memory games ONH dewv,and in simovich snegopad. And not spohady about romantic NCN ride, very bilya the pool I pilongo pid dosem spraut we help our defenders on a warm Protas vsogo life. So it’s important, at the same time, Qiu rock vdovine a beautiful, Privalova I just Chudovo! I TSE not fluently – after summer, navigasi hour for modnich experiments! If vulitsi escravo swotti sonce ( SPECA to svodit number tagnani us speeches to minamo, Golovnin stylish accent staute pricesi. Lito – hour, if solot pricesi to Pravati ball, mitto sminute image! Want vigliadeti VitaScene, Ninoy Nochnoy? And Mauger, vpevneno in sobi on I-delovomu streamnow? Absent nichogo prostho! Right pdebian Zolot pricesi – axis of I all, what You need to, dwellers Buti like rsnow, but always a great time esclavage lta!

That pricesi take from vdustry?

If newt to spend SPECT LTN dni VI planute lying on the beach, and in Your walls lachey carotenic Shorty that decline kupalnik, it is not necessary zabuvati about uwern pakrasi, zavdyaki Yakima Vashi escrow obrazi to sublimate zolotimi promnice. In this season, at the time of the mini-Spanish I light sokoni, ogolin nice I Sasmil SAP ASTA Krasny prekraschayut Stylin solat bracelet and and sokoliv neckline – Zolot lanzuisi, mil pdsi I modn Col!

Choice Zoloto pakrasi right smaku, ale, be called a few more tips from snvzv Uvero modi will definitely not savimi!


The Golden bracelet on Niku – the head symbol LT! If shte bude mozliwosci pacility attention njcu vitonen embellishment? Tilki vltk! It is not necessary upuskat Taku mozliwosci – vibiraem whether Yak model gold bracelet on Nico I smilevo Karaite coloc cerca!

• Witnest I nizhnist podaru rcinoma Your way thin Golden bracelet – lanzac, and yakscho Yogo pletna spited s pletny lanzuisi on si ABO bracelet on Roz, the image of the camp especially harmonik.

• The Golden bracelet on NGC, prikrasni uvelirnyi stone or a slim namestyle, zrobit whether yaky image ltname akravim probablywon. Tak pricesi vigladit duzhe cute I gnojno z whether the Yakima odaga, newt, if You deprivation a swimsuit!

• Codovi nastri I vdott spaventoso thogo drive, You padaryti solat bracelet and on foot, dopolnen declama PDVSA. Your skin CROC bude superbogatite h movement to the beat of Your gitau rhythm! The stench privechayut your attention I vigladit in ltname gralevo like I troch sujala – sama those scho tsogo need LTE!


Salat earrings – Golovna rodzinka whether yakogo thogo way! Without zolotih seregon not be stvoriti harmonine the way in whether yaky hour rock ale vltk without them just nemozhlyvo abitia! After sama vlcko, mi dozvolama sobi smow of experimenti s sackali the makeup, and Nashi Ochi vigladit especially wiratno on for thogo clear sky I singogo warm sea. Same earrings, Yak no other, SDAT thin pacility TSI decal VASO povtorno halo!

• Home novina tsogo lta – povernennya on seregon Modniy that Olimp – clecy (Congo). TSE beautiful novena – after Taka model seregon menace navmenu target for lta! One look at the earrings – clca to dosit dwellers of podolki to travel back in Dalek ekzotichen country, vdcti easy Morski breeze on svoa obliss I dati freedom to help our defenders nepotism bazhannyam!

• Lito for You – TSE in the first cargo sea? Then Varto zvernuti nepilnu the attention of every on earrings W collects Blue Ocean. TSI nesvacil, exclusive earrings W sinm London blue Topaz, dopomozhut You mother sea always W him – VI will baciti Yogo skin poglyadi in Dzerkalo!

• Vitonen Salat earrings – pdsi to tablet Your way nocnim I shopluk and lacoon stud earrings padaryti yomu severest , harmony, navti if You least clothing! And pdevs to sereach the gold heel, in that style, you can booty iteven in fact, what Your ltni way Buda gdni of ibcluding modnich journals.


Solat bracelet and hand – Vashi Ruhi will say it for You! Want to ispravlyati vrazhennya? Velatice s matovu navti on the beach I pravartate pay attention to yourself? TSE is not foldable – dopant sviy way zolotim bracelet. Rusi skin of Your hands VIN bude salutati to itself the attention of every puratronic, dogauchi virusnet Your gestures I Your words.

• Thin Golden bracelet lenzyak – besprogryshnye option for whether yakogo way, goreczny in whether yaky Getty situat – and on the beach, and to rejoice Vert bilya basin.

• Solat bracelet and z legendarna collects Orbit – axis, scho zrobit your ltni image netabout! Malenik of namesince – planet, Rosman on thin zolotih orbtech, nahadoth about neimovirna Zoryana nebo I to permit skilki zahodna experimentati storyyy Novi ansambl – after h can be an drazu for decline on odni roots!

• Cruise – so nazivaetsa collection braclets, target for dwellers to do Your vdustry nezabutniy! VI will pocuvat yourself on Kurort newt in center megapols, if dopolnite sviy way tsimi chudovke bracelets, skin s yakih of prikrasni scavini, milimo zolotimi fgurine.

Neckline area risiko! Ale tilki for cholov! Absent nichogo sokolivska, than glyboke neckline Vero sucn. Ale W swimsuit pareo I easy Ter wants vigliadeti gnojno I pacility Qiu area embellishment. Zolot lanzuisi, vitonen pdsi I call dopomozhut You in this! I rozdalovice on the lounger bilya the pool, I pid hour romanticno vecer in restoran, VI will vigliadeti odnakovo rosche , Mati spaceslide estimation!

• The Golden lenzyak the embellishment, Yak long been neophyt. I can tagati, Yak samostiyna the embellishment, so I s vitonen zolotim PDVSA. Sminute pdsi whichever od I just situac pid nastri, can skin once otrisovat Novi scavi image!

• Col – always vdali option! After lenzyak I PDVs in this case dealino pthalate one to one, so the Yak vapout one dizaynerskogo brainchild of his. Swert pay attention to Kol collects Сelebrity chain! TSI Zolot Col dealno pthalate to whether yakogo thogo the way, zavdyaki their legkost, lakones I wlasciwosci well podnyatiya one z one to one ansambl.

• Well, Your Vena nezabutniy LTU padaryti Col s collects “Coins”, after skin coin tsogo lung wienerova call You Buda for good luck, Yak bi VI , sobi did not wallala!

“Capital Uvery Factory ™” – best satellite of your nezametnoe LT!
Z neimovirna prikrasni od “Stolichno Uvero Factory ™” vigliadeti rosche I privalige not sklada Trutnov.

Bought exclusive Zolot heels, earrings, bracelet and TA INSHI skladov doskonale inocula MJ sible in Internet MAGAZIN ABO whether yakomu provau Butko Nacho Compan. Nepovtorim overn pricesi domago kislogo brand – TSE not just cergov of aksesuari and Vashi WRN druzi, that nudehot You to be useful I padaryti romanticni nastri the I spirit of adventure. Coyte skin Teply moment tsogo lta I atribuite netabout vrazhennya s prikrasni od “Stolichno Uvero Factory™“.

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