With the beginning of the year 4723 driver operated transport “by degrees”

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Despite the fact that the headlines are filled with notes on accidents on the roads of the Dnieper, the cops report: clashes was much smaller.

According to statistics, since the beginning of the year in the Dnipropetrovsk region was 5828 accident that 1000 is less in comparison with the same period of 2017. “Today” figured out what traffic rules are most often violated by motorists and how they managed to reduce the accident rate.

Improved statistics the cops explain the preventative action that drivers are taught the discipline at the wheel.

“The police drew up a report, and the man afterwards thinks, does it make sense in the future to break. By the way, earlier not much attention was paid to safety belts, and now we draw up protocols, because people began to wear. And this in turn helps to save lives during a collision, so the victims also become less”, — told the “Today” spokeswoman of the Main Directorate of the National police in the Dnipropetrovsk region Anna starchevskaya.

Over the past eight months, police have made more than 90,000 protocols. It is not difficult to calculate that the violators are caught every two minutes.

“Recorded almost 22,000 violations related to driving without the necessary documents and 20,000 violations of the rules of use of seat belt or crash helmet”, — told in the center of communication of GU NP in the Dnipropetrovsk region.

While the guards made 4723 Protocol for driving under the influence. However, the victims of accidents became less. Since the beginning of the year, the accidents killed 114 people, injured — 1465. In 2017 the number of deaths amounted to 129 people and injured 1692.


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Human rights activist Andrey Ishkhanyan explains: not included into the statistics europrotocol.

“The decision about leaving the police at the accident scene taken by participants of the accident. If they want to accidents are processed according to the usual rules for us, then the police have no right to deny them the trip to the scene of the accident and the design of the appropriate Protocol. If the drivers are evroprotokol, they can do it without involving the police. Then information on the incident report only to the insurance company,” — says the lawyer.

We will remind, in the river massively fined carriers.

As reported, the Cabinet of Ministers sent to Parliament a legislative initiative of the Ministry of interior to increase responsibility for violation of traffic rules. This was announced by first Deputy Minister of internal Affairs Sergey Yarovoy, the press service of the Ministry.

Earlier “Today” I wrote about why in Ukraine there are more accidents on the roads.

Also it is worth mentioning that in 2017 drunk drivers staged almost six thousand accidents in Ukraine.

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