5 tools that will help popularize and promote a dating site on the Internet:

  • guerrilla marketing in social networks. By creating “fake” accounts and choosing the right strategy for communicating with the audience in social networks, you can attract a large audience to the dating site. This works both when attracting guys and girls;
  • advertising in social networks. Minor attachments like buy dating profiles and competent targeting will allow you to get thousands of new users for your “dating” project, including active members of the dating site who will bring you money;
  • registration in catalogs and ratings. The theme of “deytinga” is very popular, so that it has created a wide variety of ratings. Registration in them is already a guarantee of additional traffic, and obtaining high positions (including on a fee basis) is a real way to increase the credibility and subsequent leadership in the niche;
  • creating the right content. Even though the popularity of dating sites for unique and interesting publications on this topic is not so much. The use of LF and MF keys along with the correct choice of publication topics will allow you to enter the TOP on these queries and gain the increase in attendance (and other indicators) of the resource;
  • contextual advertising. This is another relatively affordable, but at the same time, an effective opportunity to attract an audience to a dating site.

Web-site on the topic of dating on the Internet has a number of distinctive features. First, it necessarily has a complex structure with a lot of information and user profiles.Secondly, such sites are targeted at a very broad target audience, on the one hand it is good, as it can give a large influx of visitors, but on the other – makes it difficult to identify the interests of users. Thirdly, the obligatory presence of distinctive individual features that allocate a resource against the backdrop of hundreds, if not thousands, of other similar sites.

Frequent diseases of such sites are constantly changing questionnaires of participants and the incorrect significance of questionnaires in relation to such a site.

The main method of promoting such sites from Topodin: focus on the lists of questionnaires on interests and social profile of the site. It is necessary to show the importance of individual subcategories of the site and the relevance of the extensive list of questionnaires to individual “narrow” needs of the user.

Please note that many user profiles may not be unique. Analyze the methods of exit from the situation is not unique content. In the niche of acquaintances, copy-paste is not critical, but it does not benefit much from “poor content”. Stimulate users to add more personal materials, contact data, multi-media content (if we promote the social network). You can completely hide the “poor” pages from search engines, but in this case, users visiting such pages will attract 0 points for content on hidden pages, only to increase the total time on the site.


Promotion of dating sites is in demand for many reasons. One of the most important is the simplicity of monetization. In addition to traditional opportunities, such as advertising, selling links, etc., many such resources offer paid services, which, as a rule, bring the greatest revenue.

  • paid placement of profiles
  • advertising from partners and Display Networks, teasers


The fundamentals of the promotion of a dating site and their  support

Today it is very difficult to get a dating site in TOP Yandex or Google on high-frequency requests. This is due to the increased level of competition. But this does not mean that the promotion of a site with such topics is unpromising. At the heart of effective advancement is an integrated approach that involves:

  1. presence of original design;
  2. filling with unique content, interesting for the user;
  3. competent registration of participants’ questionnaires in terms of html5 and micro-markup.


Only having such a “basis”, you can begin to search for a dating site with the involvement of other Internet marketing tools, such as mailings.

Some sites for the niche of “adult” dating (in the West “deytinga”) forget to use the rules of search engines for these kinds of sites and fall under the filters.