The minimum penalty for theft is a fine of from 850 to 1700 UAH


Citizens claim that the number of thefts is growing. Author of the photo: Anastasia Iskritskaya, “Today”

According to the police, since the beginning of the year in Kiev decreased the number of thefts. For January there were 3296 cases of theft against 4069 episodes over the same period last year. Among them: 429 pickpocketing (453 theft in January 2017), 422 automobile theft (698), 477 burglaries (523).

As explained in police, the number of thefts has decreased thanks to the active work of militiamen.

“Patrolled the places where thieves are most active”, — told the “Today” GU NP in Kiev.

However, not all detainees are in prison.

“The minimum punishment under article “Theft” — from 850 to 1700 hryvnias of a penalty. Therefore, many detainees later get loose,” explained law enforcement.

Townspeople claim that the number of thefts is only growing, making them mostly persons of a Romsky nationality: pickpockets get wallets and mobile phones on the streets, cinemas, stores, underground crossings, transport, and even resorted to stealing in hospitals. The last such incident occurred on 1 February at the National cancer Institute on Lomonosov street, where one of the patients pulled out a purse, which was 4.6 thousand UAH and EUR 20. A group of pickpockets arrested on the spot.