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The live auction saw two million people.

Chinese rocket Queijo-1A (Kuaizhou-1A) was auctioned in a live and “flew” to an unknown buyer for a tidy sum, reports Popular mechanics.

The live auction was watched 2 million people. Video recording by 3 April passed 500 million views. In the first 5 minutes the number of people wishing to buy a Chinese missile Queijo-1A has reached 800 people, and total deposits amounted to 500 million yuan (about 4,600 dollars). In the end, the rocket was sold to an unknown rich man over RMB 40 million (approximately 5.6 million).

The package of services purchased by the buyer, allow him to be present on the launch pad during a rocket launch in person to see how in a fiery mass “burn” millions of dollars. The pre-owner will paint unit at their discretion.

Rocket Queijo-1A (KZ-1A) — literally “fast boat” — was developed in ExPace, the commercial subsidiary of the Chinese aerospace scientific-industrial Corporation (CASIC).

KZ-1A are primarily used for quick and inexpensive delivery of small satellites into orbit. Rocket KZ-1A has three solid-propellant stages and an upper stage with liquid fuel. The unit can display from 4 to 6 satellites on different orbits in a single launch. Rocket allows to deliver to orbit up to 250 kilograms of cargo.

Rocket Queijo-1A is part of a developing China’s commercial space sector. For 3 years the rocket was launched 8 times and brought into orbit a commercial useful goods. Most space missions are carried out by public corporations, but private companies such as ExPace go to market.

Currently, ExPace develops rocket Queijo-11. The launch is scheduled for the first half of 2020. The payload of the new missile is increased to 1000 kilograms.