Photo: Instagram/sharonstone In a sense the actress brought her mother

The famous actress got hit in that time, she’s home got some water from the tap. The star had to take to the hospital, where she remained for 10 days.

American actress and producer Sharon stone has told how she was struck by lightning. In recognition of the star, she was in for a real shock, writes The Sun.

About the incident, 62-year-old celebrity mentioned for the first time while recording the podcast, comedian Brett Goldstein. When it happens, stone said.

According to the actress, she filled the iron with water and kept a hand on the faucet. Suddenly she was electrocuted. It was at this point in the well responsible for water in the house was struck by lightning.

“I was thrown into the air and threw across the kitchen. I hit the fridge. I was in shock,” he told the star.

The house actress was her 87-year-old mother, who brought her to her senses and was taken to the hospital, where the stone has been 10 days.

Recall that Sharon stone in mini-shorts was photographed for the magazine.

We also wrote that Sharon stone showed how to cook a favorite dish. Celebrity dressed at home, with his youngest son was busy in the kitchen. The young man washed dishes, and Sharon cooked a delicious dinner recipe my Russian grandmother.

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