From the abnormal cold weather affects not only people, but animals


In Kazakhstan, where it came to the incredible cold, I find the frozen corpses of animals who died in extreme cold.

In particular, local residents took video of the rabbit and the dog, dead on the go, reports Daily Mail.

So, when hare died was probably trying to get over the fence, and the dog froze, stuck in deep snow.

Also the entries were posted with a picture of the dead animals.

Astana. A terrible frost. Read the news about the girl from Kostanay, who was offended by the guy and went across the steppe?!

Publication of Tin in Kazakhstan (@zhest_kz) Jan 22, 2018 at 10:01 PST

We have previously reported that in Kazakhstan from-for abnormal frosts in the hospitals were hundreds of people: according to Ministry of health of the country, for the 40-degree frosts at least 223 people suffered serious frostbite.