A businessman from Tver Vladislav Fomenko said that in 2014, the scandalous ballerina Anastasiya Volochkova was pregnant.

So, according to the man, at the time when he found out that Anastasia in the position – they lived together for five months. And, by the way, not just talking about the total child. About Fomenko announced the publication of “KP”.


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“For five months we lived together. Started talks about a common child. When Nastya told me that she’s late and she might be pregnant, I kissed and caressed her tummy. The time was about five weeks,” – said the businessman.

He also added that helped make the dancer repairs to her new home. However, it soon caught Volochkova in the sauna with the driver and left her.

Anastasia and Vladislav Fomenko

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“In the new house she had wanted to do the repair. I offered to help my friends, their company has been repairing. Said Nastya, that costs take. The team started work… And then there was creepy. I found Cindy in the sauna with her driver. It was in the new house, where there was a repair, where we planned to raise our baby. I Packed my things and left. Nastya called me the next day. But not to apologize. She screamed that the workers, who continued to make repairs, crooks. Workers also called and complained that she was drunk. I was in shock: she’s pregnant. Called her, but it turned out that she blocked my number,” said Fomenko.

By the way, according to the businessman, he had already put the “point” in relations with Volochkova. But it still wonder what happened to their child.


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“In relations with Nastya I long ago made the point. Only one question haunts me: Nastya, what happened to our child? If he was born and is growing, then what happened to him? It brings up your mother or did you give it to strangers? I still have a Nasty on the black list and can’t find that out from her. Ask her to meet me at least through the press,” summed up the man.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, formerly TV presenter Dana Borisova said that Anastasia Volochkova alcohol dependence. She noted that the ballerina urgently needs to be rescued.

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