Scientists from Germany and the UK have found a way to slow down climate change.

By calculations of experts if to reduce the height of flight of the aircraft at 610 meters, it will reduce the impact of traces of condensation (of Kondrashov) to the atmosphere at 59%. Using this can significantly slow the onset of climate catastrophe because of rising temperatures on the planet.

Scientists explained that it is necessary to reduce only 2% of flights, as it is not always contrary formed, existing for a long period of time and adversely affecting the climate. You need to adjust the flights that leave trails of condensation for 18 hours. They are mixed with other tracks and Cirrus clouds, and eventually formed Cirrus contrary that violate temperature balance.

As experts told, the exhausts of planes reflect shortwave solar radiation back into space, at the same time retain the long-wave infrared radiation which causes a warming effect.

It is noted that contrary occur when hot exhaust gas of the aircraft goes into the layer of cold air and low pressure. Because of this, ice crystals are formed, which are visible on the sky in the form of white stripes, according to