The role of the detainee in the crime was more than “normal aunts infantryman,” says Lutsenko


Police detained a suspect in the murder of activist Yuri Verbitsky and the kidnapping of Igor Lutsenko in January 2014. About it reported in a latest Facebook on March 10.

“Only that the Ukrainian militiamen detained another man who is suspected of complicity in the kidnapping Verbitsky and me during the Maidan events, bodily injuries and murder Verbitsky. His name is Mislevy Sergey Anatolyevich”, – he wrote.

According to Lutsenko, the role of the suspect was more than “normal aunts infantryman”.

“Something like Deputy commander of the team. Had, according to investigators, the attitude to direct the kidnapping of us with Verbitsky on the territory of the Alexander hospital on the night of 21 January 2014. Mislevy worked on a permanent basis in the group “alcohol king” [Alexander] Chebotarev, which was engaged in military actions against the protesters were receiving money for it, and it has removed the “office” apartment”, – he added.

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Posted by Igor Lutsenko on Tuesday, March 10, 2020

The attackers attacked Lutsenko and Verbitsky on January 21, 2014. They were taken to the forest in the Kiev region, where began to beat, demanding to provide information about the Euromaidan. Subsequently, they were taken into the wilderness and released. As a result of torture Verbitsky died.

In July 2017 was detained Oleksandr Volkov, of which the consequence considers as the organizer of the kidnapping, as well as a man associated with the probable customer of the abduction of Ukrainian businessman Oleksiy Chebotaryov. According to prosecutors, during the presidency of Viktor Yanukovych Chebotarev was in charge of the alcohol industry and worked with the then police. He is wanted and, according to the investigation, hiding in Russia.

Volkov is accused under five articles of the Criminal code of Ukraine, including article 115 (premeditated murder), article 127 (torture), article 146 (kidnapping). He faces a life sentence.