Also, a team of researchers began testing their development on other animals.

Developers from the University of Bath have created a software with which you can digitize the action of a real dog and transfer them to a computer game without expensive equipment, the magazine writes “the Knife”.

The motion capture technology has long been used in the entertainment industry, but this is usually a long and costly process, especially when it comes to animals. Scientists figured out how to create digital doubles of dogs with just one camera.

First, the animals were filmed in special suits with sensors of motion capture. This data is then used to train the algorithm — he can now predict and simulate the poses of the dogs, which is removed at a relatively inexpensive RGBD camera without any costumes.

Researchers have digitized thus dogs of 14 different breeds from the local shelter. The team also began testing its development in other animals — horses and cats.

Besides obvious applications in film and videogames algorithm can be used in veterinary medicine, for example, to monitor lameness or other diseases of the animal. And when the technology will be in wide market, anyone with a camera can make a digital copy of your pet.