The best results contained only 3% error.

Scientists have developed artificial intelligence that is able to translate brain signals into sentences. On 30 March, wrote to the Guardian newspaper, reports RTVI.

Scientists have tried to identify recurring patterns that may be associated with repetitive aspects of speech — for example, a combination of vowels and consonants. According to scientists, every time a person says the same sentence, the brain activity is similar but not identical.

During the tests the best results AI had only 3% error. The researchers believe that the algorithm helped that the patient read simple sentences with a small number of unique words.

According to the researchers, this study can potentially help people who have lost the ability to speak due to paralysis. When the team tried to decode the data signals from the brain in separate sentences, the error rate increased to 38%.

The researchers note that while artificial intelligence can not quickly cope with this task. “Usually people know and use up to 350 thousand words, but the algorithm is unable to decipher. To develop its capabilities will be incredibly difficult,” — said the scientists.