Juraj Sanitra commented on the fact that will lead women’s and men’s teams.

Senior men’s team coach of Ukraine Juraj Sanitra in the future season will be to lead and women’s team. The specialist told us how this news was perceived in the men’s team.

“I talked about this with the guys at the end of the season. They think that if there are more athletes in the team, then I will pay less attention to them. But if we create a good coordination, athletes will not want for anything. It is clear that now the team will be a little differently organized than in years past.

Guys also fear an uneasy atmosphere in the women’s team, which was earlier. But I think that those athletes who will train with us, you know that they will make a lot of changes. In the first place will require all the concentration on work and discipline. Personal problems needs to step aside. If everything folded, I see great potential in our joint work.

At the world Cups a lot of relays that you want to prepare both men and women. I think that joint training can positively affect our results”, – quotes Sanicro XSport.

Note that Olena Pidhrushna took the decision to train separately from the team.

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