Juraj Sanitra commented on the state of the team before the season.

Coach of the men’s national team of Ukraine on biathlon Juraj Sanitra said that the team has some athletes, staying in good shape.

“The team has no leader. But I am pleased that there are three or four athletes that are at a good level what can now say. But in a physical sense – it’s all changing. Prima, Pidruchny, Kilchitsky, Semenov. And I’m sure when I get back Tkalenko back too where it was at the beginning of summer training.

Tkalenko is ready to start training. Talked, what and how to continue. Because it is not necessary to hurry with his form. The first need – to have a hundred percent healthy. And then think what to do his program. Because we can make a mistake, if you start to cook it on the first start of the season. I think that this is unrealistic. Because he will be preparing for the second half of the season”, – quotes Sanicro biathlon.com.ua.

Earlier Vitaly Kilchitsky summed up the summer world Cup.

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