Fran Sol told about the situation with COVID-19 in Spain.

Striker Dynamo Fran Salt said that some of his friends in Spain fell ill with middle East respiratory syndrome. The player hopes that soon the situation will improve and the team will be able to go to a training camp in Marbella.

“There’s a bad situation, not like here. Among my friends of 10 people or more ill with the coronavirus. But the Spaniards disciplined and the situation is improving in the country. I hope that everything will be fine and go to Marbella for a training camp,” said the player.

The Spaniard also said that he likes Kiev.

“Well here feel. Kiev – beautiful city 100%. When the weather is good, it is all wonderful. I love Kiev, my family and dog a lot. It’s very beautiful. We like the Dnieper and the restaurant “Veranda on the Dnieper”. Was in the Kiev metro. Friends came from Spain and we went to explore the Kiev metro. That was interesting. Kiev is somewhat similar to Madrid. Only then colder,” said Sol live at club Dynamo page in Instagram.

Previously, Sol spoke about the desire to play with Dinamo in the Champions League next season.

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