The plane was shot down on 3 February in the Syrian province of Idlib

Photo: EPA

Portable anti-aircraft missile system (MANPADS), from which Syria shot down a Russian su-25 attack aircraft, were able to steal from the warehouse of ammunition of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine near Kalinovka of Vinnytsia region, said the Russian Senator Igor Morozov comments in the “RIA Novosti”.

He recalled that in the autumn of this warehouse fire occurred. Morozov said that the official Ukrainian party “did not rule out that it was specially arranged to hide the theft of hundreds of pieces of weapons.” According to the Senator, it was “without the consent of the Ukrainian authorities through various smuggling to fall into the hands of Syrian terrorists”.

Frost speculated that the MANPADS could steal from the warehouses of NATO in Eastern Europe.

February 3 in the village Maasen in the Syrian province of Idlib shot down a Russian su-25. The plane caught fire in air and crashed. The pilot ejected, but was killed upon landing. The responsibility for the downed plane took a group of “Tahrir al-sham”.