Infectious disease: Statistics in Russia do not reflect the real picture of the incidence and deaths from coronavirus

Photo: EPA

Chief freelance infectious disease Orel region, head of regional Hepatology center, Botkin hospital Victoria Adonieva in an interview with “the Oryol news”, which published on June 18, said that after the vote on the amendments to the Constitution the number of infected COVID-19 in Russia will grow.

“Necessarily [increase patients]. But putting us nowhere. I was left with 20 beds, and today I’m going to close the hospital. [Hospital] Semashko has already been closed, the clinic also. Let’s vote who wants to, but no more beds,” – said Adonieva.

According to her, among patients with coronavirus a lot of elderly people.

“At Easter, grandma calmly walked to consecrate the cakes. After that we had a very large influx. After the elderly EN masse, facing the street, then they all lie on the beds,” said the medic.

According to the infectious diseases, statistics in Russia do not reflect the real picture of the incidence and mortality of coronavirus.

“In all branches of medicine and in statistics is insane. I think that there are no exceptions to the General rule. As I said, we have even in different regions think differently,” – said Adonieva.

According to the American Johns Hopkins University, Russia ranks third in the world for the spread of the coronavirus after the United States and Brasilia In the country ill 568 292 people, recovered 323 851, died 7 831.

A nationwide vote on amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, one of which involves the nullification of presidential terms of Putin, appointed on 1 July 2020.

20 January 2020 Putin submitted the draft law on amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation to the state Duma. It was unanimously adopted on first reading on January 23.

In the document, in particular, to exclude the possibility to occupy the presidency more than two terms, to fix the priority of the Constitution over international law, as well as to expand the powers of the constitutional court. On 11 February the Committee of the state Duma has approved the amendments to the Constitution, in the case of adoption of which Putin after leaving from a post of the President for life will remain a member of the Federation Council.

Putin also proposed an amendment, which provides for the formation of the head of state of the state Council “to ensure the concerted functioning and interaction of public authorities”.

Some experts believe that thus the Russian leader is trying to solve the problem of retaining power after 2024, when is the next presidential term. Putin is the Russian President since 2000 with a short break. According to the current Constitution he cannot run for the post of the head of the Kremlin in 2024.