In the Donbas the terrorists had used the newest Russian weapons “Krasnopol”.

As reports “Radio Liberty”, one of these shells landed in the house of a peaceful inhabitant of the village of Novoluganskoe in the arc Svetlodarsk.

“I was nailed to the wall and it began to pour. I have a fireplace and a stove, and I somehow miraculously got under the area,” recalled Victor Frolov, showing fragments of bricks and boards, who until recently was his home.

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It is reported that the house of 70-year-old pensioner destroyed getting only one shell.

“It’s some kind of projectile is not the same. I saw it all. I was in the war. But such shells have not seen,” – said Frolov.

At the headquarters of the environmental protection found that in the home of a Ukrainian shot the Russian controlled artillery munitions “Krasnopol”.

“Was the analysis of this munition, collected all the pieces. He ammunition Krasnopol has features – this guidance system, it warhead, the stabilization part, the same tail bits, which allow you to adjust the flight path on the approach to the goal,” – said the speaker of the Main intelligence Directorate of the defense Ministry of Ukraine Vadim Skibitsky.

Remnants of the projectile “Krasnopol”

Radio Liberty

The explosion destroyed the house

Radio Liberty

It is noted that a guided artillery projectile Krasnopol has a caliber of 152 mm, shell weight – 50 kg high-explosive warhead allows you to hit armored vehicles and fortified military targets at a distance up to 20 kilometers. Is the munition with a laser beam, part of the complex. The fire lead to the self-propelled howitzers “Msta-s”.

“In order to use this ammunition, you need a laser designator-rangefinder, which illuminates the target, and the reflected laser beam the projectile flies and falls. This rangefinder is a part of the regular units of the regular Armed forces,” – said the Deputy head of the research Department of the General staff of Ukraine Viktor Shidlyuh.


Radio Liberty

We add that the Russian media have repeatedly reported how the Russian military had used “Krasnopol”.

“From launch to target, a maximum of 15 seconds. The shell, unique in the world no more, “Krasnopol”. Development of the Tula design Bureau, the “Krasnopol” can be compared to jewelry surgical operation. The military called it – “scalpel” – said the Russian TV.

We emphasize that this weapon is only for three countries : the Russian Federation, China and India.

“At the moment of Declaration of Ukraine’s independence the weapon was new and recently developed. He did not enter the territory of Ukraine and to get to our warehouses. Never bought, he was reported to us for service – it is reliable information” – summed up Shidlyuh.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, the terrorists have unleashed the bloody fighting in the Donbass.

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