Periodically all of us meet people who lack sensitivity, are not responsive to other people’s experiences. Perhaps this brought them to life circumstances, or maybe they were just born that way.

OBOZREVATEL offers an opportunity to learn what Zodiac signs are most often attributed to callousness, stubbornness, and inability to sympathize and even forgive.


Blake Lively

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Born: 25 August 1987

Any manifestation of affection in his address Virgo take for granted. After all, they must all love and they do not have. Unfortunately, representatives of this sign was a little worried about the openness of the partner, because they are closed on all locks. It is hoped that with time their feelings are awakened — it is absolutely meaningless. Virgo will never change. They love only themselves.

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Selena Gomez

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Born: 22 July 1992

Representatives of the sign appear open and emotional people. But they are superficial and unstable, that makes them callous. Crayfish are not interested in other people’s problems, they are always fascinated by them and their chatter. Also, the representatives of this sign can’t be friends: they quickly converge with people, and at the same time can easily spit in the soul. After all, the relationship they perceive as a game.


Kylie Jenner

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Born: 10 August 1997

Lions are among the most emotionally callous Zodiac signs. They are quite narcissistic, overly confident, often contemptuous of the opinions of others. Members of this sign rarely believe in a friendly or romantic feelings. They are very jealous and literally any attachment is perceived as a sign of weakness. The relationship Lions prefer to build not on love but on mutual benefit.

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