Men say that this is the first such case in the history of Russia


In Russia officially recognized same-sex marriage between two men — Eugene Voitsekhovsky and Paul Stocco. About this couple told the TV channel “Rain”.

Men were married in Copenhagen (Denmark) 4 Jan. Documents of registration along with a notarized translation, they applied to the multi-service center (IFC) in Moscow. There they put a stamp in the passport on page marital status, confirming registered marriage.

According to the newlyweds, the employee filed a “no questions asked, without even changing his face,” it took five minutes.

Men say that this is the first such case in the history of Russia.

According to the Family code, marriages between Russian citizens, concluded abroad are recognized in Russia is valid, unless there are circumstances, “impeding marriage, specified in article 14 of the Family code”.

This article States that marriage may not be concluded between close relatives, adoptive parents and adopted children, and if one of the people is already married or has been adjudged incompetent due to mental disorder. The fact that marriage was between same-sex people, as limiting the circumstances are not specified.