Rozhkova said that he had returned from a conference which took place in the United States

Photo: National Bank of Ukraine / Facebook

On 13 June Deputy head of the National Bank of Ukraine Ekaterina Rozhkova said in Facebook that he continues to perform his duties.

“Regarding the recent court decision which removed me from my work: we have not received the court’s decision, today I work. In case of receipt of such decision, the national Bank will appeal against it in a lawful manner,” said Rozhkov.

She denied the information spread in some media that she was allegedly not returned to Ukraine with a conference in Washington.

Rozhkov became Deputy head of the NBU in January 2016, prior to that, she was head of the NBU banking supervision. Since 1998 she has worked in various commercial banks of Ukraine. In June 2018, the NBU Council approved Rozhkov, first Deputy head of NBU.

30 may 2019 it became known that the MP from the “Batkivshchyna” Yuriy Savchuk filed in U.S. District administrative court of Kyiv the claim in which asked to recognize the illegal actions Rozhkova “illegal assistance to third parties in the sphere of currency regulation and supervision, and to oblige her to desist from such actions”. Along with the claim Savchuk filed its security, which asks the court to resolve the dispute in fact to prohibit Rozhkova to participate in the work and meetings of the Board of the national Bank, to exercise the powers of his Deputy or conduct any activity on this post. The NBU said that the legal grounds for dismissal Rozhkova no.

On 13 June, the NBU said that the Bank received a letter from the individual, from which it follows that 11 Jun Baryshevsky district court of Kyiv region decided to ban Rozhkova perform the duties of the first Deputy head of the national Bank. The NBU said that in the Unified registry of court decisions there is no corresponding definition of court and to the Bank it did not.