Photo: NASA

The planet was at least two different sources.

At the University of Arizona revealed the secret origin of huge water reservoirs on Mars. This writes with reference to

Experts say that the source of water on the red planet were at least two. While they had different chemical composition.

The data confirms the study of two breakaway Martian crust meteorite called ALH84001 and NWA7034. The heavenly bodies differ in the ratio of the isotopes of hydrogen with other Martian rocks. Northwest Africa 7034 interacted with the fluid of about 1.5 billion years ago, while Allan Hills 84 001 – about 3.9 billion years ago.

It is also noted that one of the rock types appeared to be close in composition to the bodies from the outskirts of the Solar system, and the second had a lot in common with rocks of the Earth.

It is considered possible that Mars was covered with oceans of magma, unlike the Earth. So the water on the planet could appear after the fall of the other celestial bodies onto the planet’s surface.

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