Olympic champion and five-time world champion celebrated his 28th birthday

Olga Harlan

On Tuesday, September 4, the famous Ukrainian fencer Olga Harlan celebrated his 28th birthday. Harlan is the most decorated athlete of Ukraine in this sport. She is the Olympic champion of Beijing-2008 in the command saber, a four-time Olympiad medalist, five-time world champion and seven-time European champion.

Main quotes by famous Ukrainian fencers Olga Harlan:

About how got on the sword (25 may 2018):
My godfather is a fencer, so I immediately started training with a sword. This is the most physical and fastest type of fencing.

First achievements and the importance of wins (25 may 2018):
Three years after the beginning of the fencing I beginning to show results. I felt such victory and excitement. I for the life of a fighter. Always important for me to prove their superiority.

On a star (12 April 2014):
Never suffer stellar disease. Always try to treat people with sincerity and good

About the importance of family (12 April 2014):
Your victory I dedicate to the family. For example, “gold” the world championship in Budapest-2013 I won for my grandmother.

About the style of fencing (25 may 2018):
Some compares my fencing with a male, because I’m fast, powerful, sharp. I also have a strong impact. Sometimes it plays against me a little, because there are different opponents, sometimes you have to play in the women’s fencing, to be calmer, and I begin to run, jump.

About setting up the fight (may 12, 2014):
Moral status and the right mental attitude – in essence the main components of my success. If you go to the track with the idea of a possible defeat, nothing good is not waiting for you.