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“Superpower” does not create a new, and pulls from storage the Soviet legacy.

There has recently been increased attention to the arrival of Russian troops in T-90M “break”. Russian news sites and the media in unison illuminate new models of equipment, creating a media touch of grandeur, the Ukrainian blogger writes the Angry inhabitant of Odessa for “Browser”.

Indeed, 13 of April to the 2nd guards Taman motorized rifle division, part of 1st Panzer army ZVO, received a batch of new T-90M “break” as the number one company – 10 units However, actually not all so is simple with upgrade and increase of the Russian tank fleet.

The fact that the widely hyped and shown for everyone to see the new T-90M “Breakthrough” is 10 combat vehicles ordered in the period from 2017 to 2019 as part of the modernization of the tank fleet of T-90. And here begins the most interesting.

Been issued this week, the T-90M “break” the 2nd guards Taman motorized rifle division is the first and last part of the upgrade of tank troops new, new tanks of this modification. The rest, in number of 160 units, will be an upgraded to the level of T-90M tanks T-90A from the 7-th military base in Gudauta in Abkhazia, 27th separate guards motorized rifle brigade and the 6th separate tank brigade in the Nizhny Novgorod region. In fact, Russia is busy upgrading armored forces in the form of upgrading existing, older models of equipment, while not relying on the production of new tanks.

To be honest, it is quite logical and economically feasible approach. But, that’s because it is noteworthy, Ukraine today, also busy with restoration, repair and modernization of its fleet of T-64, T-72 and T-80. Thus, the Russian army of pseudo and affiliated Russian propaganda in Ukraine characters, accused the Ukrainian authorities that the tanks are not available new for the APU. And the arguments that it is economically disadvantageous for Ukraine to build expensive MBT “Oplot”, when there is a huge backlog for the upgrading, not perceived by these pseudo, but only fueled their aggression.

Well, the boomerang is coming back? After all, knowing a total failure with the T-14 “Armata”, Russia is in a situation when the release of a new, modern tank for the troops it is not all so smoothly formed. So much so that even officials say the disadvantages of the serial production of the T-14 “Armata”, taking into account opportunities for modernization of T-72.

Similarly with the T-90. Instead of producing this tank, which is, in fact, a deep modernization of T-72, Russia is engaged in modernization of existing combat vehicles. Of course, the lighting of this upgrade is under the traditional brand name “has no analogues in the world”, because the T-90M “break” is called almost the epitome of the T-14 “Armata”… that does not make to smooth out the bitterness of failure?

Here I deem it appropriate to recall a recent incident that occurred in the Russian media.

The fact that Russia has painfully reacted to the army of pseudo article of the publication The National Interest, in which the Ukrainian modification of the T-80 were recognized as such, who better than the Russian. Russians the opinion of American experts offended, and they tried to justify their tanks and counter arguments voiced in the material of The National Interest.

And all because the Americans struck the Russians at the patient corn, after all, the great mighty superpower, with unmatched military-industrial complex, does not create a new tank, and pulls from storage the Soviet legacy, exposing his dubious modernization… Modernization, which is inferior to the improvements implemented by the country, with a budget ten times less.

Therefore, the issue of modernization for the Russian tanks are very painful. He reveals a lot of moments which “superpower” would like to hide and are not sound in principle. In this context, I’m starting to wonder one question: when, finally, the Russians will show a new modification of the T-62, which will be called no worse than T-14 “Armata”?