Russia was at a disadvantage with the occupied Donbass, because it can not make it to its membership or to withdraw.

This opinion in an interview to OBOZREVATEL shared the well-known Russian political analyst Dmitry Oreshkin.

“Losing situation “LNR/DNR”. Take them to him, Putin can not, had no resources and strategies too. Yes, Putin wanted to shove them back in the Ukraine, but on their own terms. This in Ukraine will not go, and rightly so. While Putin can’t give them because it is a defeat and a “loss of face”. Anything positive he can do the same can not. Yes, as in Transnistria, in the occupied Donbas give people Russian citizenship, they are happy, leave or in Ukraine, or in Russia,” – said Oreshkin.

“And the winners are those who went to Ukraine because there is perspective. And Russia, as I said, there is “downhill”. But, from the point of view of the average “dnrovtsa” then, of course, Russia is much better than the “DNI/LC”. So people get passports, and they have the feeling that, Yes, it’s for the best. That they then, together with Russia will suffer from the fact that Russia is now experiencing. Is unemployment, the fall, the end of oil money,” he said.

Ukraine and Putin. Illustration

As he wrote OBOZREVATEL, Oreshkin believes that Putin will not be able to make a new attack on the territory of Ukraine, because he has no resources on it. It remains only to “intimidate and provoke” Ukraine.

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