The Russian President believes that the organizers of the meeting in Davos “work yourselves”

Vladimir Putin. Photo: AFP

Possible boycott Russia world economic forum in Davos will not affect the authority of the country. This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“On the authority of Russia in the world economy precisely will not affect”, – said Putin.

He was generally considered as useful platforms such as the Davos forum. However, according to Putin, the purpose of such is to bring people together “outside of any political constraints”.

“And if someone is on sites of this kind imposes restrictions, they work against themselves, they destroy the basis for their activities. Here we must bear it in mind,” he said.


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Thus, according to him, Russian businessmen will decide for themselves whether to go to the forum.

“As for our involvement [in Davos], each person, a businessman, a representative of some company … he makes decisions on whether to participate or not will be”, – Putin said.